Saturday, September 28, 2013

You know you're in a friendly town when. . .

. . . you can call your child at the library!

As I sit here in the public library using the free wi-fi to shop for towel racks at IKEA because someone offered to pick up anything I needed there when they went next week, the phone rings and the librarian answers. I hear her say "Yes she is," and then, to my amazement she gets up, walks down into a stack, and says "Emily, phone call for you." Emily wasn't that thrilled to get a call from her mom at the library but it certainly highlighted how different things are when the whole town is part of a child's community.

Another sight that warmed my heart this week was the bike rack at the elementary school literally overflowing with bicycles. There is concrete evidence that as  parents here feel their kids are safe.

I have mentioned to some of you that the school mascot is a BLOSSOM. Fitting for a town called Blooming Prairie, but not exactly fear-inspiring for the football team. However, last night the team prevailed 35-14 against the scarier sounding St. Clair Cyclones at the High School's Homecoming Game. I sat on my patio and could hear the announcer and the cheering. . .

This is a picture I took at yesterday's Homecoming Parade. 

It didn't last long, but it was great fun, and the band sounded pretty good, the Homecoming Court were carried along in convertibles, and the day was sunny, warm, and filled with little kids, big kids, parents, grandmas and grandpas, and of course, the whole church staff showed up to cheer them on!

I'm sure it won't all be sweetness and light, but I am savoring it while I can!