Friday, September 13, 2013

Goodbye and Hello

Triumphant Love Lutheran Church, Austin, TX
My church home since 1984, and my place of employment since 2002.

First Lutheran Church, Blooming Prairie, MN
Lutheran Church
My new church home and place of employment as of September 2013.

Sunday morning I got a loving send off from Triumphant Love, and then spent a sweet evening with some of the people I've known the longest and with whom have shared countless experiences and memories. It's at their request that I have decided to share the transition experience in this public forum.

I have spent most of the summer saying hello and goodbye. Looking for work and a new place to live; looking ahead to the inevitable day of departure. I have felt frightened, worried, hurt, excited, hopeful, uncertain, stretched, loved, despised, incompetent and blessed. And countless shades and variations of those feelings. But now that the time has come, I go forward knowing that I will not travel alone; my journey will be accompanied by the One who will support me through it all, and who ties us all together - old and new friends. Adios Austin, Buenos Dias Blooming Prairie.