Monday, September 23, 2013

Not this but there's that.. .

Just a quick post to continue the story. . .

All that stuff has come home to roost in my new place pictured on the right.
My new address is:
741 Center Avenue N. #2
Blooming Prairie, MN 55917
I think I'm going to love my new place. It's a re-purposed space so it has some funny quirks, but I really think I'll enjoy living here. The windows to the right of the front door on the first floor are all mine. There's lots of light on this bright September day. The bedrooms are small, but there's plenty of parking, and room for company so I hope you'll come to visit. In the meantime I'll be unpacking all that stuff I discussed last time.

I got a lesson in turn-around-time right away. One of the first things I did when I got here was call the cable/internet company that serves my building to set up an installation. That was Thursday. On Friday an enthusiastic young salesman (who looked to be about 19) came to sort out all the particulars. I signed and initialed everything needed and he said he'd take the order to the office to get it processed and they would be calling to schedule an install. They called this morning (Monday) and I will have internet and cable installed on Tuesday: that would be Tuesday October 1st. Almost two weeks from my first phone call . . .  On the other side of this story: this will be the fastest internet I've ever had, and the cheapest 200 channel cable package ever.

I also have a mailbox. I mean a real mailbox, in front of my house. Before this I have always had a lock box down the street or over by the office of the complex. I expected to have to pick up my mail at the Post Office here so that mailbox was a delightful surprise!

Other discoveries:
  • There's no pizza delivery but you can get your milk, butter and sour cream delivered
  • There's no place to go out for brunch on Sunday but it's a rare week without a pancake breakfast fundraiser somewhere
  • My apartment has no dishwasher, but lots more cupboard space
  • The grocery store carries fewer convenience items than I'm used to but sells incredibly fresh meat cut right on site, and to order if you wish
The adventure continues!!!