Monday, March 3, 2014

Social Life

I'm finally starting to socialize in my new hometown. I've made a few stabs at it, but mostly when someone has offered to take me to something.

Two weeks ago I finally committed to join AAUW and jumped in with both feet and agreed to be on a committee. The scholarship committee gets to read and discuss the essays the student's write in their applications. I think it will be a worthwhile use of my time, will be useful to the group, and will give me some insight into the youth of the community. I hope I haven't gotten in over my head, but since I don't know anyone in town I might bring a different point of view to the deliberations. Two years from now, when current confirmation students are applying, I won't be so objective!

On Thursday, my first Blooming Praire friend Dianna took the initiative to get a book club started. I had briefly met a couple of other people, but most of them were brand new. Of course, once we started talking books we found our connections easily. I left feeling really excited about having new friends.

Last week also held two events that made me realize that I'm getting settled a bit. First, a baptism of a baby I had snuggled with! That wasn't unusual in Austin, but it was the first one here so it really warmed my heart. The second event was a funeral. I didn't know the individual who passed away, but I knew his wife, and his brother, and his daughter. Another indication that I'm starting to be part of the community.

Also, my birthday on Friday brought in a remarkable number of greetings from people everywhere. I enjoyed lunch, shopping, and a movie with my cousin Jane too! I am so grateful that God has blessed me with so many lovely people in my life!

This Friday I'm hosting a stamping open house. I have two projects planned and invited a boat load of people to come and try it out. I hope I can find at least a few people who want to get together regularly - I've done a lot of stamping since I got here, but most of it solo. Plus, I have to decide if I'm going to stay a demonstrator by mid-summer, so I really need to figure out if there's a market here. Not really sure.

Well, this is not the most elegant nor eloquent post I've ever written, but I missed last week so thought that done would be better than perfect! Lent arrives in two days, and with it, some extra obligations on my time so best to get on track right away this week.

Until next Monday - or 'til I run into you on Facebook - take care, and take a little time to socialize whether you're here with me, or 1100 Miles South!