Monday, March 17, 2014

Blowing in the Wind

Spring is trying to find her way to the Prairie and that means wind. As many of you know, when I lived in Texas the times I was most homesick for the mid-west were the days when the wind howled. There is more wind up here; especially where it is flat, and especially in the spring. And thank goodness because there is a lot of melted snow to dry up. (Don't get too excited for me. There are still five foot mounds of snow outside my front windows at work and at home, and we expect a little more snow this week, but the street is dry - thanks to the snow-plows and wind.)

Full Worm Moon over Lake Superior 3/16/14
Last night was a full-moon night. This particular full moon of spring is called the Full Worm Moon because this is the month when the ground thaws and the earthworms emerge, inviting the robins to return. I can't help but wonder if the wind might sing to the robins a little bit as well.

Someone told me on Friday that she was going to hang her laundry because it was warm and windy enough to dry. I love sleeping on sheets that have been dried on the line, but I have no love for the activity of hanging clothes, nor the scratchiness of clothes and towels dried this way.

The wind blew a little romance into my life this weekend (NOT WHAT YOU'RE THINKING!) My neighbors across the hall got married in a long-awaited wedding. It was a second marriage for both,with just their family on Sunday. I got involved because I helped arrange for them to use my church, which they have visited but not joined. Their families blew into town for the weekend, and blew out again this morning, but there was so much joy. The wedding cake had FINALLY written in big letters across it. It also had an adorable Leggo topper, complete with a bride and groom, much to the delight of their YMO (yours/mine/our) children who range in age from 4-20. It was sweet and happy and I was glad to have a tiny part in all of it.

Starting next Sunday I'll help the spirit blow on our fifth graders as we start their communion instruction. This was the first group of kids I met here when they were trained as acolytes in October. I was too overwhelmed. After getting used to doing this with first graders, raising the level is a challenge but fortunately this is a well-thought out and documented (one thing that has been done in stellar fashion by this congregation) program so I can follow the wisdom of leaders past. Unless the spirit blows in a few new ideas. . .

I fussed a lot about finding someone to cut my hair and ultimately found someone right here in town. She cut it beautifully and it shakes out great when the wind whips it around. It didn't fit with my plan to go to Rochester for a haircut and lunch with Beth and Niel every month, but I guess I'll just have to make a date and go without the artificial discipline of an appointment.

The one thing I wish would blow my way is some kitchen inspiration. I am very tired of my own cooking. I've been scouring Pinterest for some new ideas but nothing seems worth the effort. Wish that meant it's a good time to go on a diet but I still get hungry and then wind up eating the same old spaghetti I made last week.  And knowing that I have nothing bigger than this to worry about these days, I am very grateful to be 1100 miles north!