Saturday, May 30, 2015

Senior Antics

No, not me, though the insistent AARP renewal reminders seem to indicate that they are concerned about my memory. (And since it's been so long since I wrote ANYTHING, I guess my memory could be suspect!) However, the past two weeks have held several graduating seniors events.

First, I went to Notre Dame, in South Bend, Indiana to witness Gracie's graduation from Law School.
I was one proud mama, but I didn't take many pictures since others were buzzing about with cameras, so you'll have to make do with this quick phone snap as proof I was there. Everything about the graduation was delightful: the awards ceremony, the party Gracie and two of her besties threw on Friday evening so their families could meet, the morning prayer service, eating brunch in law school classrooms, and especially the student-selected professor who spoke so eloquently of what really matters (and he specifically stated that your career was NOT the most important thing.) It was happy and sad at the same time, like most graduations; it was hard to leave Gracie and Tony's first home for the last time, but also very exciting to see their next chapter beginning.

Here in Blooming Prairie, my mind is on the Baccalaureate service for the high school seniors which my congregation hosted this week. I didn't have much to worry about besides getting gifts for the seniors, lining up younger students and parents to serve, and ordering the cake (check, check and check!) We are starting a new tradition with this post-Baccalaureate reception but there are plenty of on-going traditions. Last Friday, on the way to work, I was literally stopped in my tracks by one of them. Here's what stopped me:

Tractors! Lots of them. It is a tradition here for the graduating seniors to drive a tractor to school on the last Friday of classes. The young man driving the Deere happens to be my upstairs neighbor. He doesn't park that tractor in the parking lot so I'm guessing a farming family friend lent it for the day.

A Rochester television station reported on the event. You can watch their story here:
Blooming Prairie tradition,

I guess the end of the school year has entirely permeated my mind these past few days. I also wrote about it on my other blog WaterWings. Onward to summer!